Military Bases | Language Institute

Transit options

This unit is centrally located with easy access to the U.S. State Department Foreign Service Institute (10 minutes by car) and the Pentagon Metro station (12 minutes away via shuttle or car).  Downtown D.C. is just minutes away by car and also easily reached via metro.

We are also a convenient commuting point to nearby Military bases – Fort Myer – Henderson Hall, and Marine Corps Base Quantico.

To Pentagon Metro

Extremely convenient transit – the shuttle to the Pentagon Metro stop picks up in front of the apartment and arrives at the Pentagon Metro station in less than twelve minutes.  Click HERE for complete instructions.

To Downtown D.C.

The unit is located just minutes from Downtown D.C., as the entrance to the freeway is next to Shirlington Village.

To Foreign Service Institute

The route to the Foreign Service Institute avoids major highways and takes just ten minutes.

To Diplomatic Language Services Institute

The route to the Diplomatic Language Services Institute (DLS) can be reached via the freeway in eleven minutes or by avoiding the highway in 15 minutes.

To Fort Myer / Henderson Hall

The unit is located ten minutes away from Fort Myer / Henderson Hall.

To Marine Corps Base Quantico

The unit is located forty minutes away from Marine Corps Base Quantico.