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Payment portal

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Move in instructions

Upon checking in, you will receive

  • One (1) sets of apartment keys per adult occupant including the mailbox key
  • One (1) parking pass for your vehicle (if you have arranged for a parking pass). This pass must be displayed on your dashboard (driver’s side) while parked in the parking lot.

Please click HERE to schedule your move in.

Move out instructions

Please click HERE to review the move out instructions, or

click HERE to complete the move out form prior to your departure.


All cars parked in Fairlington Villages off-street parking lots are required to have a current parking pass. Towing is strictly enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The current towing fee is $100.00. No warnings are given.


Your keychain contains one (1) mailbox key.

  • Outgoing mail can be placed on top of the mailbox for pickup by the mail carrier.
  • Packages addressed to you will be left inside the lobby area.
  • Forwarding address: if you are receiving mail, please remember to change your address at least several weeks before leaving ( is the best option for address change).

Community amenities

Pets: This is a pet-friendly community. Pets are allowed in the apartment (if you have arranged for pet occupancy) and on the common grounds.

Pools and Tennis Courts: Pools and tennis courts are available for use with a current Fairlington Villages ID card. These are available in the Management Office for a $10.00 fee, and must be renewed annually (free of charge).

  • POOLS: There are 6 pools located throughout the community. At the beginning of each swimming season, the pool schedule and rules are announced in the North Fairlington News. This information is also posted at each pool and on the Community Center Bulletin Board.
  • TENNIS COURTS: There are 13 tennis courts in Fairlington Villages. The main tennis courts, located behind the Community Center, are lit until 11:00 PM. Other Courts close at dark. **Both pools and tennis courts prohibit animals, alcohol, glass, skateboards, and roller skates. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. •

Children’s playground (Tot lot): The playground is located behind the management office. Parents or guardians must accompany children to the playground. We assume no risk for its use.

Patrol Service: A contract patrol service monitors the property overnight and enforces parking and other regulations. The patrol staff can respond to residents’ calls about disturbances, parking violations, and reports of improper use of the swimming pools, or tennis courts. The patrol service is not the police; in an emergency, please call 911.

Trash and Recycling

Trash pickup occurs 6 days a week.

  • Regular trash should be placed on your front porch or at designated curbside locations between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM, Monday through Saturday. There is no trash pick up on Sundays, or on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • Large trash items that are too big to be accommodated by the collection compactor truck should be placed at the street side curb on Wednesday evening or, on Thursday morning before 9:00 AM.

Recycling pickup occurs once a week.  Recycling should be placed in marked bins, which are placed at designated curbside locations, on Tuesday afternoon, for Wednesday morning pickup. Recyclable items include:

  • Aluminum Beverage and Other Metal Cans
  • Corrugated Cardboard (boxes must be broken down and flattened or they will be removed as trash rather than recycling);
  • Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Mixed Paper and Light Cardboard
  • Newspapers and Glossy Inserts;
  • Plastic Containers with Narrow Necks
  • If you have old batteries, please drop them in the orange plastic container outside the Firehouse at 31st and Abingdon Sts.


Please note that there is no smoking permitted in the apartment and its balcony at any time.


Your apartment has high speed internet via DSL and Wifi. You can either use an Ethernet cord (we do not supply one, so please bring your own), or you can use WIFI.

  • Ethernet cable access: the cable port can be found at the lower right corner of the desk in the loft
  • Wireless access: the network name and SSID (passcode) are listed in the Apartment Binder.

Appliance instructions

Electric Range: Please make sure burners are completely turned off when not in use.  The cooking surface will remain hot for several minutes after use.  Please do NOT use cast iron pots/pans, as those will scratch the glass-cooking surface.  A complete set of instructions for the range is attached to the Apartment Binder.

Drawer Dishwasher: Your unit is equipped with two (2) drawer dishwashers, which operate independently from each other.  The units can use dishwashing powder or gel onto its door compartments. A complete set of instructions for dishwasher is attached to the Apartment Binder.

Television and DVR: the television service comes with expanded cable, HBO/Showtime, and a full HD package.   It also has On Demand.  Please feel free to order any free On Demand features.  Please note that Shirlington Stay does not pay for any pay per view features.  A guide to the channels can be found on Channel 95.

Washer/Dryer: Your unit has a MAYTAG Neptune washer and dryer. A complete set of instructions for the washer and dryer is attached to the apartment binder. Please be considerate to your neighbors and not run the washer and dryer after 9:00pm.

  • Laundry detergent: place at the bottom of the laundry tub prior to inserting clothes
  • Bleach: place at compartment on upper LEFT of door
  • Softener: place at compartment on upper RIGHT of door
  • Washer machine operation:
    • once the machine is loaded, select wash cycle:
    • Press START/STOP button until the light goes on – The wash cycle will begin and the DOOR LOCK light will go on
    • To insert more clothes after the cycle has started AND the DOOR LOCK light is lit, press START/STOP button; the door will unlock after the water has been drained below the door line in a few minutes.
  • Dryer operation: At the end of each drying cycle, please clear the lint filter

Heat and Air

The apartment has a central heating and cooling system.  The temperature is set by the thermostat in the hallway.  On hot days it is best to lower the blinds during the heat of the day to keep the apartment at a cooler temperature.