Frequently asked questions

Cancellation policy

We allow for refunds in the following instances:

Military/Government Termination Clause:

Owner will honor the 30 day military / government termination clause if Guest’s employer relocates Guest through no fault of Guest, then this Agreement is void 30 days from the date of notification to Owner, and no further rent shall be due past that 30 day period

Corporate and private party Termination Clause: 

60 days prior to beginning of occupancy: Full refund cancellations (notification must be in writing)

59 or fewer days prior to occupancy: Conditional refund. If you choose to cancel, the following must apply for a partial/full refund to be available:
– Guest is still FULLY responsible for your entire guest agreement amount due (first month’s rent still due before occupancy scheduled to begin)
– For all the unused nights, the unit must be not occupied/vacated so it can be professionally cleaned and ready for occupancy (all keys and parking passes must be turned over)
– we change the advertised unit availability date to match the vacancy
– when we are able to book the unit for a portion OR your entire stay, we refund you these days directly. All days that remain vacant/unrented are still the FULL responsibility of the guest.

Payment Methods

Payments can be done via:
  • BluePay
    • Checks (no fee)
    • Credit cards (3.5% surcharge*)
  • Mail
    • Check (no fee)
    • Money Order (no fee)

*Surcharge: As a small business, we incur a credit card transaction fee of 3.5%.  This fee is waived for guest paying government/military per diem.

A late payment fee of 10% may be assessed for late payment (payment being due as referenced above).

Property use restrictions

  • This property is a non-smoking unit.
  • Use of incense or other odor-causing agents is prohibited.
  • There is no subletting.
  • Occupancy is restricted to number listed in Guest Agreement. Occasional overnight temporary guests allowed.

Pets are allowed [subject to being listed and approved in Guest Agreement].

Subject to the following provisions herein: Pet(s) must be non-aggressive to the point that Shirlington Stay personnel can access the property without Guest there in the event of emergency, must not make noise to the point that Owner determines that neighbors are inconvenienced, and must not cause damage to the property. Should these conditions not be met Owner may require that pet be removed from property].


Provision of Housing may be terminated by Owner immediately should Owner determine that damage is being done to housing property or furnishings therein (including any smoke damage or odor), either by action or inaction of the Guest, or if actions or inaction of Guest may make damage including theft likely, or if Guest is interfering with other tenants’ or neighbors’ quiet enjoyment of the property. In the event of such determinations (which shall be at the sole discretion of the Owner) Owner may keep rent for entire term of housing provision or until housing is leased to others for the full term and amount of Guest Stay Agreement. Owner has the right to assess court costs, be compensated for attorney and collection fees, and be compensated for personal time and effort spent should Guest not pay rent or damage costs. Should actions of Guest result in the inability of Owner to rent housing to others, Owner may collect lost rental rent costs from Guest.


If Guest does not vacate before 10 am on the housing provision end date stated above (or as extended in writing by mutual agreement of Guest and Owner) then Owner may assess $500 per day of stay beyond housing provision end date, chargeable to the Guest’s credit card. Owner shall not be held liable if housing is unavailable for any reason beyond Owner’s control.

Owner Access

Guest will keep the property in clean ‘showable’ condition and will make the property available to Owner on a reasonable basis. Owner will take reasonable steps to give advance notice before entering property, but Guest acknowledges that this may not always be possible, particularly for a pressing maintenance issue.

Property Condition

Guest will leave property in as clean a condition as property was provided to Guest.   This agreement establishes no long-term tenancy rights as stated in local codes, regulations, or laws.

Security Deposit

 In lieu of needing to leave a cash deposit, Guest hereby provides and agrees to maintain valid credit card information (as provided on the following page) to Owner and to maintain an available credit balance of at least 1/2 month’s rent amount and authorizes Owner to charge any damages caused or facilitated in part or total by actions or inactions of Guest (reasonable wear and tear excepted) to the housing property or furnishings therein to this credit card, and to charge any unpaid rent amounts. Determination of damage and extent of damage and reasonable rent for damage shall be at the sole discretion of Owner. Damage may include but not be limited to smoke damage or odor, or excessive cleaning required at end of housing provision.