Thank you for considering Shirlington Stay.

We are a Veteran owned small business provider of Short Term Furnished Housing in the Washington D.C. area near the Pentagon.


Our rates vary depending on your budget and length of stay.

For MILITARY/GOVERNMENT guests with FULL per diem under the GSA DC schedule
– Guests are eligible for their choice of additional services (gym membership, maid service, car-sharing service).
– Parking pass(es) at no additional cost
For MILITARY/GOVERNMENT guests with SLIDING scale per diem under the GSA DC schedule
– We calculate your overall budget based on your length of stay and determine an average daily rate.  Based on that amount we may offer parking at an additional cost.

For GOVERNMENT guests with FULL or SLIDING scale per diem under the GSA STANDARD schedule
– We calculate your overall budget and the supplemental amount needed for lodging.

For private INDIVIDUALS/CORPORATIONS  and  STUDENTS seeking lodging, we offer competitive rates that vary depending on the season.  

**Per Diem Tenants – For guests under the per diem schedule (full or sliding scale): Depending on your circumstance we should be able to set up a lease arrangement that allows you to fully utilize your per diem, even a sliding scale per diem. It may also allow for extras (gym membership, maid service, car-sharing service)