Pentagon Metro

PENTAGON METRO LINKS  – Schedules, Routes, Fares

SCHEDULES and ROUTE PLANNERS for MetroBus and Metro

To go NORTH towards Pentagon Metro, CROSS THE STREET after leaving the unit

When arriving SOUTH from Pentagon Metro, you will be dropped off in front of the unit.

MetroBus stop from and to Pentagon Metro

When referencing the MetroBus schedule, please note that the stop in front of the unit is in the timeframe BETWEEN “28th and King” and “Shirlington Station” on the MetroBus 7AEFY schedule (schedule link listed below).

For a FULL schedule for MetroBus 7AEFY follow the link below:

For a SMARTPHONE schedule for MetroBus 7AEFY follow the link below:

PLANNING YOUR TRIP VIA MetroBus and Metro: METRO Trip Planner

This is the BEST TOOL to plan your entire trip from the apartment to your final destination.  The site will show you the EXACT:

  • MetroBus number and arrival time
  • Pentagon Metro train line color, direction, and transfers
  • Any additional walking distance and time from final Metro Station to your entered destination (listed by address)


Click HERE go to the web address below:

When prompted, enter the following:

FROM :            3073 s buchanan st     (note that you should NOT enter Arlington, VA or you will get an error message)

TO:                  400 K st nw     (sample destination: note that you should NOT enter Washington, DC or you will get an error message)

USING:           Select BOTH bus and rail


– time: arriving by – enter when you would like to arrive at your destination

– date: enter date

Click SUBMIT for the itinerary options.

You will see your entire itinerary and fare cost.  For CASH transactions on MetroBus, please take EXACT CHANGE ONLY.

FARES for Metro and MetroBus

Please note that MetroBus accepts:

  • SmarTrip card (which can be purchased at the Commuter Store or at Metro Stations)

Shirlington Commuter Store – NEAREST TO YOUR ADDRESS (0.6 miles away)

Please call in advance to order VRE tickets to be picked up at the Shirlington store. 
2975 S. Quincy Street, Arlington, VA 22206 (at the Shirlington Bus Station, near the intersection of South Randolph Street and 31st Street South, next to I-395)
Phone: 703-820-4981 Fax: 703-820-4984 TDD: 711
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Map and Transit Options


Regular Fare

  • Regular cash fare: $1.50
  • Regular fare with a SmarTrip® card: $1.50
  • Children under five: Free
  • Virginia Hospital Center-Arlington employees with hospital ID ride free on ART 51 and ART 52 only


Customers using SmarTrip cards get free or discounted transfers within a two-hour time period. ART does not issue or accept paper transfers.

  • Transfer from Metrobus to ART or ART to another ART bus with SmarTrip card: Free
  • Transfer from Metrorail to ART or ART to Metrorail with SmarTrip card: $0.50 discount
  • Transfer from ART to Metrobus with SmarTrip card: $0.10
  • Without a SmarTrip card, transfers require full fare


  • Gold ART full-fare tokens and Metrobus tokens are accepted as full fare.

Senior/Disabled Discount

  • Fare for senior citizens (age 65 and over with any ID that shows date of birth) and people with disabilities (with WMATA ID or Medicare card): $0.75
  • With Senior/Disabled SmarTrip card: $0.75
  • Transfer from Metrorail to ART or ART to Metrorail with SmarTrip: $0.75
  • Transfer from Metrobus to ART or ART to another ART bus with SmarTrip: Free
  • Transfer from ART to Metrobus with SmarTrip: $0.05

iRide Teen Discount

  • Fare for teens with middle or high school ID: $0.75 cash or green iRide token
  • More about iRide